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Vponsale is a scam.Do not be a victim!

This merchant will not fulfill your order on time. No matter how early you place your order. Do not even attempt to place your order with this people. They have no sense of customer service.

If you cancel the order, they will tell you that they will only refund half of the cost because they say the dress is half done. Do they think I'm *** enough to pay for a half done dress? When I told them I will dispute this with my bank, they still shipped the dress. Now I have to return the worthless dress back to them.

The customer now has to shelve out the cost of returning it which could be 30% of what you paid for.Do not be a victim of this merchant.

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This is Vponsale.

We are sorry to make you feel upset. Would you mind to give us the tracking number? and then can know what happened with your returned package. Is it OK?

Sorry for the inconvenience we bring to you. We do want to resolve the problem for you.

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